Mythics Green Program

Our Mission

Mythics Green is our commitment to giving back to society, our communities, and the environment.

We practice, strive, understand, and educate.

  • Mythics practices energy conservation, tracking our energy consumption, and mapping out ways to reduce. 
  • Mythics strives to purchase only environmentally friendly products for our offices, being mindful to not buy virgin, hard-to-recycle, or non-recyclable products.
  • Mythics educates our employees to understand the global environment and to identify how they can better their own communities.
  • We involve all employees in our charity choices so that all will feel empowered by our causes.

Electricity Consumption at Mythics

Our goal is to effectively reduce our electricity usage over time.  We strive to stay below goal, gradually reducing our goal amount to maximize our energy savings.

Achieving Electricity Conservation:  Improvements Made-to-Date

  • We have installed partial indirect and LED lighting throughout the Virginia Beach office location.  These fixtures not only last for 10 years, but they also use lightbulbs with a 4-year life.
  • ecobee Smart Thermostats have been installed in our Virginia Beach office location.  The thermostats maximize our energy efficiency and allow remote control access to help achieve optimal energy conservation.
  • Motion sensors have been installed so that our conference rooms and offices won't consume electricity when the spaces are not in use.  
  • Fully compliant ENERGY STAR appliances have been used throughout the building.
  • All electronics are set to 'energy savings' mode to maximize our conservation efforts.

Water Consumption at Mythics

Mythics is actively working to reduce our water consumption and we aim to continually lower our goals as we strive for water conseration.  By tapering back our goal, we challenge ourselves to further reduce our water usage.  Our 2012 Water Consumption Goal was targeted to below 40,000 gallons for each month's consumption.  In April of this year, a new sprinkler system was installed to maintain our flower beds.  This maintenance addition accounts for the increase in water consumption from April through August.  We continue to look for new ways to counter this increased water usage and expect to set our Water Consumption Goal to below 35,000 gallons per month by the end of 2013.

Achieving Water Conservation:  Improvements Made-to-Date

  • A timer-controlled water heater has replaced our previously installed continually heating unit so that we can now reduce the energy required to provide heated water to the building.

Waste Reduction at Mythics

Our goal is to maximize our recycled waste and, by doing so, reduce our landfill waste.  Right now, we strive to be above 50% recycled waste each month.  As we are better able to have steady results with being above 50%, we will increase our goal - always furthering the challenge for Mythics GREEN.

Achieving Waste Reduction:  Improvements Made-to-Date

  • In order to maximize the amount of waste recycled, we have increased the size of our recycling containers by four cubic feet and increased the number of recycling stations on premise, both of which allow for more space for recyclable products. 
  • Recycling Education is provided to all employees at Mythics.
  • We send applicable items to TerraCycle to reduce our waste when it comes to non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle materials.  TerraCycle then re-purposes, reuses, and recycles our donated items.  In turn, we earn money in a points system that will fund our environmental and social charity choices.
  • All used batteries are sent to Battery Solutions, Inc. to be safely recycled and repurposed.