The infinite appetite for data from our applications is a never ending challenge to the IT staff. Not only do we need to keep feeding the monster, but we also have to craft new innovative ways (like HCC database storage) to feed the beast, while also managing more complex environments at the same time. This is… Read More »

As you know, the Oracle Storage product line has recently undergone some major updates with several significant technology upgrades from the older ZFS Series. The Oracle Storage Solutions include three major product lines:  the ZS3 Storage Appliances, the Pillar Axiom SAN, and the StorageTek Tape Library… Read More »

In this blog, I will share my recent successful experience and the lessons learned from building my first WebCenter Portal.  In the end, you should be able build one or at least understand what building a WebCenter Portal entails.    So, let’s start with building the development environment.… Read More »

When it comes to managing content within an organization, there are significant differences in the tools and techniques used for managing documents compared to those used for records.  In Part 1 of this series WebCenter Content: Records (Part 1) – Understanding the Lifecycle of Content, I discussed… Read More »

Oracle introduced Oracle Database In-Memory, a new add-on option to Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition, in response to the new industry push towards totally memory resident databases offered by other vendors such as IBM and most notably SAP’s Hana. In contrast to row organized relational databases stored… Read More »

Mythics Green Supports TerraCycle

By Anna Decker | Tags: Mythics Green

Being committed to diverting waste from landfill and improving how much the company recycles, Mythics Green utilizes TerraCycle as part of our Recycling Program. TerraCycle is a company that takes non-recyclable or hard to recycle items and turns them into new, upcycled products. The reward for our participation… Read More »

CANCER LETS BEAT IT!!! Mythics is proud to announce our support and sponsorship of the annual "Dive for A Cure" fundraiser on May 2-3, 2014."  Dive for a Cure is a 24-Hour Underwater SCUBA Marathon and fun filled family weekend helping to battle cancer.  This year marks an amazing… Read More »

Oracle has rolled WebCenter Capture (formerly Oracle Document Capture) into the Fusion Middleware Suite with the release of WebCenter Capture (PS7). This release comes packed with a new document lifecycle, redesigned look & feel, and other notables sure to make this revision more robust and appealing.… Read More »

Oracle officially, although quietly, announced the latest upgrades to the Exadata platform last week, and we have seen the X4-2's hitting the ground already from orders placed in late November.  In general, the upgrades are pretty substantial, both from a hardware and a software perspective.  It's… Read More »

With the mounting concerns around identity theft, confidentiality of personal information, privacy of health information and accurate accounting of financial transactions, the proper retention of documents has become critical.  Oracle’s WebCenter Content product is tool that will address these concerns… Read More »

Use Case A Use Case that I have commonly encountered during Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) projects involves exposing an initiable human task through a front-end portal. The User will click on a link that displays an initiable human task form from a process. Then, the User will… Read More »

Oracle’s WebCenter Capture is document capture software where users can scan documents, index them and send them to a repository. There is often confusion about the unique WebCenter Capture components involved in these stages of document processing and how they fit together. To understand how these components… Read More »

In project management, there’s no such thing as perfect. No project goes entirely as planned, stays right on schedule, delivers a flawless product the first time through, meets everyone’s expectations, or costs exactly what was allocated. Even comprehensively planned and tightly controlled projects… Read More »

The term “stakeholder” always is featured prominently in any discussion of project management. You know you are supposed to: Get their “buy in” so you are supported in completing a successful project; Understand their requirements and expectations; Consult with them during the concept/design/planning… Read More »

What is the difference between information fields and applications fields in WebCenter Content? This is a question I have seen posted to forums, and I have also been curious about myself. Bex Huff posted a good explanation here: Information fields appear automatically on the search/check-in pages,… Read More »

Summer is coming, which means the hurricane, tornado season is here. Do you have a contingency plan for your critical IT infrastructure? If so, is it updated? Do you and all the stakeholders know what to do in case the network is out of commission, say, for a week? How will you continue your business and how will… Read More »

At the core of a biometric system is the one-to-many identification process, where the input sample is compared with the stored templates in the biometric database. It is considered a “positive match” when the comparison of the input sample and a stored template is above a pre-defined threshold. When… Read More »

What do your stakeholders value most about your current project? If you don’t answer this critical project management question correctly, you may waste a significant amount of time “selling” the benefits of a project to people who aren’t interested and generating deliverables that no one… Read More »

A question was asked a few months ago on the WebCenter Content OTN Discussion Forums about WebCenter Content storing page numbers for documents. I am wondering how can i know the number of pages of each document in the UCM, is there a table that stores this information ? is there a script… Read More »

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced the Final Release of Special Publication (SP) 800-53, Revision 4, “Security and Privacy Controls for Federal information Systems and Organizations” on April 30, 2013. The new revision replaces SP 800-53, Revision 3, which has been in use… Read More »

So, you want to get some data OUT of a non-Oracle system and IN to your Oracle database.  How to do it? We recently had a customer that wanted to get some employee data out of a SQL Server PeopleSoft system into an Oracle database where they could do some additional reporting.  They were at a loss on… Read More »

“All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this failed deployment” - paraphrased from Macbeth, Act V Scene I. Many cloud providers will come to your enterprise saying their solution can replace your in-house solution or require that you not build any in-house solutions at all. … Read More »

When conducting a security vulnerability assessment using an automated scanner on a large number of hosts, it is very tempting to create one or more large groups of scanning hosts. It is a perfect opportunity to have a “Look Mom, No Hands!” moment. But more often than not, this can cause more problems… Read More »

Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 is used to accredit cryptographic modules (hardware and software) used on federal government computer systems that process sensitive information.  FIPS 140-2 defines four Security Levels (namely Level 1 to Level 4) and 11 requirements. Cryptographic modules… Read More »

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) set up new and enhanced standards that public companies must follow. However, the impact is not just on the company board, management and accounting firms. The following three mandates really have the work cut out for IT security: No destruction, alteration or falsification of records;… Read More »

The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 2002 has been the cornerstone for information security in Federal Government for the last 11 years.  It mandates that federal agencies develop, document and implement information security programs to protect their information systems and the information… Read More »

“Et tu Wordpress!” – paraphrased from Julius Caesar Act III, Scene I If Shakespeare blogged, I wonder if he would have used Wordpress?  I don't have anything against Wordpress; I've deployed it several times.  It suffers from a common issue that most applications do, security… Read More »

Are you considering going Agile? It’s a brave move since even positive change may entail risk. This is definitely true for the transition to Agile project management. If you want your organization to reap the rewards sooner and with fewer “growing pains,” avoid these five common mistakes. Pitfall… Read More »

Agile project methodology is proving to be a valuable innovation in industries that require fast turnaround on projects that fluctuate in scope and complexity. Software Development and Information Technology PM’s are the most common supporters of this approach. However, any organization that currently runs… Read More »

The implementations of technology solutions, such as those provided by Oracle are often large-scale projects in complex organizations. Project management is a key to success in these projects, and that is the focus of this blog posting. Project management has never been simple. The first formalized methodologies… Read More »

Pillows come in different sizes and shapes and they can have different colors, styles, cushions, and features.  However, the best pillow is not necessarily the most expensive one, or the prettiest one; the best pillow for you is the one that provides protection, support and comfort to you – your body… Read More »

I can understand why Dorothy was so worried.  Customers often struggle with the question of if they should integrate their OAM environment and applications with WebGates on each application, or use a general reverse proxy farm.  This question recently came up on a customer project, and the simple answer… Read More »

Reverse Engineering and Copyrights

By Sean Wang | Tags: Mythics Consulting

Companies use reverse engineering processes to improve their own products by analyzing other companies’ products, such as software.  Quite often, reverse engineering processes are used to ensure interoperability with a product.  In software development, reverse engineering is normally accomplished… Read More »

To successfully complete one iteration after another with short sprints, an Agile development should be conducted like a symphony orchestra - it requires high degree of concord and harmony.  Unlike other development methods where a project manager allocates resources, manages daily tasks and monitors project… Read More »

A Little Perspective on Big Data

By Richard Walters | Tags: Mythics Consulting

My kids are big fans of the movie "Ratatouille."  One of the characters, a food critic named Anton Ego, has a wonderful response when asked what he wants for dinner.  He says he wants "a little perspective."  That line comes to mind every time I read yet another article about… Read More »

In WebCenter Content 11g, a new security feature was introduced. You may have run into this feature and received the following error: Content Server Request Failed - The authorization token is invalid. It has either expired or is not appropriate for the current request. You may need to reload an earlier page in… Read More »

When attempting to use the Oracle UCM Web Service, GenericSoapService, I ran into the following error using SoapUI: I was able to track down this error to using a VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect) and Java JDK 7. The trick is to ensure Java is using IPv4. For SoapUI do the following: Edit the following file: SmartBear/bin.soapUI-version.vmoptions… Read More »

Content Basket - ResultSet

By Jonathan Hult | Tags: Mythics Consulting, ResultSet, WebLogic, WebCenter

A colleague of mine recently posed the following question to me:               The above is an example of a common problem:  the need to access data but being unable to determine its location. My response was as follows:                … Read More »

Data modeling is the key to success in Business Intelligence (BI). It is paramount that the process is business-centered. It starts with the clear understanding of the business, its purposes, and how the data will be used to support the business. A data model for one line of business is hardly appropriate for… Read More »

“And it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then avoid Active Directory” – paraphrased from Hamlet:  Act I, Scene III. Who would have thought Shakespeare was such a visionary?  He's right though; you pretty much always need to plan for integrating Active Directory.… Read More »

A broad range of security controls can be implemented to protect databases, including technical, administrative and physical. On the technical side, vendors, like Oracle, have developed an array of tools to safeguard data where they reside.  Policies and procedures enhance the security from different perspectives.… Read More »

“Doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt the need for SSO in your Fusion Middleware deployment” – paraphrased from Hamlet Act II, Scene II. Okay, so I might have taken some creative license with the real quote.  The point, however, is that no matter… Read More »

CANCER LETS BEAT IT!!! Mythics is proud to announce our support and sponsorship of the annual "Dive for A Cure" fundraiser on April 26th-27 2013.  Dive for a Cure is a 24-Hour Underwater SCUBA Marathon and fun filled family weekend helping to battle cancer.  This year marks… Read More »

Oracle's main message to the marketplace, "Engineered to Work Together", is impossible to miss. It is visible on almost every piece of Oracle collateral, marketing content, website banner, and business card. What is this really telling us? It's telling us that they have placed their bet (in a… Read More »

The Mythics family shares many traditions and nationalities between our friends, partners and colleagues. To celebrate the contributions of those from South Asia this season we celebrated Diwali. Diwali, otherwise known as the “Festival of Lights,” is a five-day celebration in which lamps are lit to… Read More »

This Mythics family lost Debra Jean Harrington Smith on October 25th, 2012.  Debbie was the heartbeat and light of Mythics serving as our Executive Assistant and as a "work mom" to a majority of our staff.   Words can't express the loss and grief the entire Mythics family feels, losing… Read More »

With multiple devices and platforms, it can take time to get acquainted with a user interface. However, as you begin to navigate it with skill, this tool can become a convenient way to manage the items you are searching for. Whether you manage your menu based on popular items, or list items in alphabetical order,… Read More »

Oracle Document Capture(ODC) and Oracle Distributed Document Capture (ODDC) have been rebranded to WebCenter Capture and WebCenter Distributed Capture by Oracle. I will refer to them as Capture and Distributed Capture respectively in this article. I have heard many people describe Distributed Capture as the Oracle… Read More »

As we all know, the next major release of the Oracle Database has been in Beta testing since earlier this year, so lots of us were expecting some pre-release information about the “12c” version to be leaked at the 2012 Oracle OpenWorld event in October.  Both Larry and Andy included some general… Read More »

In addition to the ¼ Rack Exadata X2 that Mythics acquired over a year ago for our Technology Innovation Center in Chantilly, VA, Mythics has taken delivery of one of the first ¼ Rack Exadata X3's to be shipped from Oracle.  The X3 is the latest generation of Exadata Database Machines, and… Read More »

How many times have you looked at log files, searching, scanning, paging, over and over again looking for that one specific error that might help you solve your problem? If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent years doing this the old fashioned way in UNIX with the ‘more’ command.… Read More »

Team Work in the Mud - Good Luck Team Mythics

By Chris Richards | Tags: Team Work, mythics

Good Luck to Team Mythics #BeastMode at the Mid-Atlantic @ToughMudder today! We are proud to see members of our Sales, Consulting & Executive Teams battling TOGETHER to test their minds and bodies.  Our culture is about pushing yourself and working together... what better way to do it than in the mud! Read More »

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g is the most significant release of OBIEE since 2006. In addition to a vastly improved user interface and greatly improved analytics capabilities, Oracle Business Intelligence is now more integrated with the Oracle Fusion Middleware software family. OBIEE… Read More »

Thank you to all of those who attended & supported the 16th Annual "DIVE FOR A CURE" in conjunction with our partners at LDC Adventure Outfitters.  The event was an outstanding success raising over $75,000 benefitting the American Cancer Society (ACS), the Cancer Care Foundation of Tidewater… Read More »

All the Active Directory forests are a stage, and all the objects merely players; they have their authentication and their data; one object in its time plays many parts, its acts being impersonated. My deepest apologizes, once again, to William Shakespeare; however, I felt his quote on “all the… Read More »

If you can do this! You can do anything you put your mind to! The entire Mythics Family is all about team work.   We are proud to say that the entire company is filled with high school and college ex-athletes (including a few state champions and All-Americans), which we've long believed is some of… Read More »

I am delighted to announce that Mythics has achieved Oracle pillar partner specialization in BI Foundation and BI Applications. This makes Mythics member of an elite group of preferred partners that have been recognized as the local technology leaders in implementing Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance… Read More »

Last week the Mythics project team members each received the USF-I, Iraq Training & Advisory Mission, Director’s “Award for Excellence” for a job well done for the successful implementation of Oracle e-Business Suite for the Iraq Ministry of Interior’s eMinistry Program. eMinistry provides… Read More »

During Oracle OpenWorld 2011, Larry Ellison announced Oracle Social Network, an enterprise collaboration and social networking tool for business.  Collaborating across the enterprise has always been disconnected.  With existing collaboration tools like email, phone, voicemails, and IM’s, it is… Read More »

Education data needs are going through a profound transformation as a result of multiple influences such as the National Data Quality Campaign, America Competes Act, and Race to the Top, which are imposing performance standards at the same time that they are infusing unprecedented levels of federal and state investment.  … Read More »

Richmond Oracle Technology Day - Thank you Tom Kyte

By Chris Richards | Tags: Tom Kyte, Database, 11g, Exadata

Great Event! and Thank you to Tom Kyte @ Oracle a blog by CR This is a note/blog to thank all of our customers and partners and the entire Oracle Mid-Atlantic team who turned out for a really successful Oracle Technology Day in Richmond, VA late this week.   A special thank you goes… Read More »

To WAM or not to WAM, that is the question! (Part 3) a blog by Marc Boorshtein - Mythics Consulting Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of custom code or take time to deploy a web access management solution... Ok, my deepest apologizes to Shakespeare and all that speak… Read More »

On Sept. 11, 2001, the United States was attacked by terrorists that took the lives of nearly 3,000. During the aftermath of these horrific events, countless fire department, police department, first responders, government officials, workers, emergency medical personnel, and volunteers responded immediately and… Read More »

Greetings from Mythics headquarters in Virginia Beach, where we are awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene.  At this point, the impact is out of our hands and our prayers are with the Mythics family.  Regardless of what happens, Mythics customers and staff can be assured by the extraordinary… Read More »

John, a Director with Mythics, shares his experience of managing a project in Iraq for the past two years. Working in Iraq has definitely been one of the most unique and challenging experiences of my life.  This week marks my second year working as an IT Advisor/Consultant for… Read More »

On behalf of Mythics Consulting, welcome to our new website and blog.  I am excited we have this forum to share our insights on technology developments and the great work we are doing.  It’s a great time for us to tell our story better.  Mythics Consulting has entered its new fiscal year with… Read More »

Questions to ask when considering what authentication to integrate into your application (Part 2) a blog by Marc Boorshtein - Mythics Consulting In my last blog post I covered some basic terminology which is used when looking at authentication and identity federation.  In this installment… Read More »

Virtualization of Oracle Envrionments with VMWare - Do Your Homework! a blog byTed Nanayakkara Cloud Computing initiatives within government agencies, and corporate IT organizations are driving the need for asset virtualization. Using virtualization, you can partition a single physical server… Read More »

SAML, OAuth and Browser ID, Oh My! (Part 1) a blog by Marc Boorshtein - Mythics Consulting Recently the Mozilla foundation released a new federation system called BrowserID that's designed to simplify authentication to websites.  What is BrowserID?  How do you choose between BrowserID,… Read More »

New Federal CIO Appointment

By Chris Richards | Tags: Steven VanRoekel, Cloud Computing, US CIO, Federal IT, OMB

Congratulations and Good Luck a blog by CR Short blog to congratulate Steven VanRoekel the newly appointed Federal CIO.  Mythics was privileged to have the prior and first Federal CIO Vivek Kundra and Oracle CIO Mark Sunday speak at the opening of the Mythics Public Sector Center of Excellence… Read More »

Greg's World a blog by Greg Mika Hello everyone... I am excited to kick-off our new Blog here at Mythics "The Daedalus".  Our goal is to have some fun, pass along some information and create a Mythics community with a focus on Oracle Technologies and Oracle Knowledge. First… Read More »

Welcome to "The Daedalus" a blog by CR The entire Mythics team is proud to announce the launch of our new corporate website ( 2.0) and the launch of a new corporate blog we've nick-named "The Daedalus".  The "Angel/Wings" imagery in our corporate… Read More »