In this blog, I will share my recent successful experience and the lessons learned from building my first WebCenter Portal.  In the end, you should be able build one or at least understand what building a WebCenter Portal entails.    So, let’s start with building the development environment.… Read More »

When it comes to managing content within an organization, there are significant differences in the tools and techniques used for managing documents compared to those used for records.  In Part 1 of this series WebCenter Content: Records (Part 1) – Understanding the Lifecycle of Content, I discussed… Read More »

Oracle has rolled WebCenter Capture (formerly Oracle Document Capture) into the Fusion Middleware Suite with the release of WebCenter Capture (PS7). This release comes packed with a new document lifecycle, redesigned look & feel, and other notables sure to make this revision more robust and appealing.… Read More »

With the mounting concerns around identity theft, confidentiality of personal information, privacy of health information and accurate accounting of financial transactions, the proper retention of documents has become critical.  Oracle’s WebCenter Content product is tool that will address these concerns… Read More »

Oracle’s WebCenter Capture is document capture software where users can scan documents, index them and send them to a repository. There is often confusion about the unique WebCenter Capture components involved in these stages of document processing and how they fit together. To understand how these components… Read More »

What is the difference between information fields and applications fields in WebCenter Content? This is a question I have seen posted to forums, and I have also been curious about myself. Bex Huff posted a good explanation here: Information fields appear automatically on the search/check-in pages,… Read More »

A question was asked a few months ago on the WebCenter Content OTN Discussion Forums about WebCenter Content storing page numbers for documents. I am wondering how can i know the number of pages of each document in the UCM, is there a table that stores this information ? is there a script… Read More »

In WebCenter Content 11g, a new security feature was introduced. You may have run into this feature and received the following error: Content Server Request Failed - The authorization token is invalid. It has either expired or is not appropriate for the current request. You may need to reload an earlier page in… Read More »

Content Basket - ResultSet

By Jonathan Hult | Tags: Mythics Consulting, ResultSet, WebLogic, WebCenter

A colleague of mine recently posed the following question to me:               The above is an example of a common problem:  the need to access data but being unable to determine its location. My response was as follows:                … Read More »

With multiple devices and platforms, it can take time to get acquainted with a user interface. However, as you begin to navigate it with skill, this tool can become a convenient way to manage the items you are searching for. Whether you manage your menu based on popular items, or list items in alphabetical order,… Read More »

Oracle Document Capture(ODC) and Oracle Distributed Document Capture (ODDC) have been rebranded to WebCenter Capture and WebCenter Distributed Capture by Oracle. I will refer to them as Capture and Distributed Capture respectively in this article. I have heard many people describe Distributed Capture as the Oracle… Read More »

During Oracle OpenWorld 2011, Larry Ellison announced Oracle Social Network, an enterprise collaboration and social networking tool for business.  Collaborating across the enterprise has always been disconnected.  With existing collaboration tools like email, phone, voicemails, and IM’s, it is… Read More »

On behalf of Mythics Consulting, welcome to our new website and blog.  I am excited we have this forum to share our insights on technology developments and the great work we are doing.  It’s a great time for us to tell our story better.  Mythics Consulting has entered its new fiscal year with… Read More »