Healthcare & Higher Education

Improving the Quality of Services that Touch People’s Lives

Mythics solutions for healthcare and higher education leverage Oracle’s best-in-class technologies and Mythics Consulting services to solve business challenges faced by hospitals, clinics, service providers, universities and community colleges. Through customized combinations of Oracle software, hardware, training, consulting and managed services, Mythics helps our healthcare and higher education customers to promote the best practices that enable delivery of better service at lower cost.

Tranforming Healthcare and Higher Education

  • Oracle’s exclusive unified data model enables healthcare providers to manage huge volumes of patient and insurance information, ensure regulatory compliance and procure and manage materials more economically. Integrating clinical data to enable more meaningful analysis, Mythics solutions help providers improve both quality of care and patient safety.
  • In higher education, Mythics Oracle-based solutions improve access to information and streamline management processes to enable institutions to transform their approaches to teaching, learning and research. Facilitating personalized learning and improved teacher development and performance, Mythics solutions help educational institutions adapt to their constituents’ and stakeholders’ changing needs.

As an award-winning Oracle partner, with 36 Oracle technology certifications, Mythics offers the exclusive Oracle focus to assure that your Oracle solution meets or exceeds your needs and expectations for performance, availability, scalability, energy efficiency and economy. Our efficient procurement process, featuring pre-competed and pre-negotiated procurement vehicles, offers competitive pricing, flexible financing and pre-approved terms and conditions that work together to streamline your acquisition of the right Oracle solution, optimize your IT spend and accelerate your return on investment.