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“An Alternative Approach to IT Modernization” Whitepaper Featuring Gary Foster CIO MBTA & MassDOT

Posted on January 9, 2017 by Zeb Mellett

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I am excited to post a blog today, which is highlighting a new whitepaper “An Alternative Approach to Modernization: IT Appliances Offer a Viable Path to Consolidation and Cost Savings” published this month in the January 2017 edition of Government Technology magazine.

The piece is anchored by an interview done by Gary Foster the CIO / CTO of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) & MassDOT.   Gary’s team worked closely with Mythics and our incredible consulting and managed services team to help solve a significant challenge their team was facing surrounding re-engineering their IT operations.

If you aren’t familiar with the MBTA, they coordinate over 1 million metropolitan Boston-area residents, orchestrating all of the buses, subways and trains enabling people to get to work, school or leisure activities every day.  The whitepaper details the journey Gary and his team faced, surrounding the replacement of one of MBTA’s most important systems that tracked ridership, fare payments and created regulatory reports. 

What struck me as so informative about this whitepaper, is Gary’s candid discussion about their challenges, what solutions were considered to solve those challenges, why they chose an IT appliance (with Mythics consulting services), what the dramatic results were after a production launch, and Gary’s suggestions for other CIO’s facing similar challenges.  

Other highlights include:

  • A review of 4 enterprise challenges facing CIOs which IT appliances are uniquely qualified to solve.
  • A checklist describing 6 problems an organization could be experiencing, where an IT appliance should be considered to help solve those problems.
  • Implementation strategies and best practices with input by Gary and his team to maximize a projects success.  
  • A review of how IT Appliances can act as a “bridge to the future” including public, private or hybrid cloud balancing the unique needs of the public sector surrounding data security and legacy applications.

Thank you to Gary, the MBTA Project Manager Casey and the entire extended team over at the MBTA for their generous feedback detailed in this whitepaper.

You can download the whitepaper here and please contact us if you are researching or considering converged infrastructures, hybrid or private cloud architectures to maximize your organization's success.

Chris Richards, VP Marketing, Mythics Inc.


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