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Changes in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5

Posted on May 10, 2021 by Erik Benner

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Change is always difficult in IT; we get used to our ways. We technical folks would learn a technology once and fail to expand our horizons as the technology evolves. We miss the step of continuously learning what is new and how it can help improve the technology that supports the users. I say all the time that often we live in a world where the database is 19c, but the DBA is an 11G DBA. I get it. It’s difficult to accept change, to learn, and adapt to new ways, but in the end, once you adapt and change, you have a better solution for your applications. Your users are happier, your boss is happier, and you also are happier.

On that note, OEM is changing. First, we saw Grafana becoming more popular as a way of visualizing data from OEM, and now in 13.5, we see another bigger change…. The end of BI Publisher.

Yes, BI Publisher, that great tool we use to create complex reports from OEM… gone in 13.5.


It’s a big thing…

But this is NOT a bad thing. New in 13.5 is support for Oracle Analytics Server. Yes, this correct and verified with the OEM Product Management team. OAS is free for use with OEM, as long as you are just using the OEM databases (including the AWR warehouse) for pulling your data! This gives you much more than just BIP functionality!  

This is HUGE!

You get Modern Enterprise reporting for your OEM data, including Machine Learning technology, a natural language interface to access reports, and new visualization methods. This includes True Augmented Analytics for all your OEM reporting needs. ML and AI automatically bring to light performance trends, capacity needs, and more. The ability to link data within OEM for operational insights allows you to pull data from the APP tier and the database tier to combine them into useful insights that help you understand what your systems are doing.

You also get intelligent search, being able to build the right data to build custom dashboards using natural language interfaces.  Imagine being able to as a smart speaker the question “How is my application running?” or “Are my databases up?”. OAS enables this.

There are more changes with 13.5 as well. A new dashboard engine lets you build a custom dashboard in 13.5, a new patching engine that enables you to patch OEM with downtime measured in minutes. The corrective actions have been expanded to becoming playbooks that let you build intelligent runbooks that enable your support staff to resolve issues faster. This automation is enhanced with new REST APIs that allow you to easily leverage your automation tools of choice (Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, etc.) to call EM operations. Automated rolling database patching…done!  You can even have one OEM system feed another one for a global enterprise-wide dashboard that receives data from OEM systems from around the world into a single pane of glass.

You also get better cloud integration with OEM 13.5. Self-service provisioning (and tracking ) is extended to support hybrid clouds, on-premises, or in the cloud. You also can now use EM 13.5 to monitor Autonomous Database Serverless ATP instances, bring the power of EM to ATP!
Moving database to the cloud is even easier with the Migration Workbench, as the platform helps plan and migrate the database to the cloud, which tracking performance before and after the move. Post-migration, the SQL Performance Analyzer can be run against your workload to ensure the migrated database is performing well. Then alerting the DBA if any performance issues are detected, allowing the DBA to take proactive actions before bringing the database online for end-users.

If you need some help deploying or upgrading your OEM servers, Mythics is here to help. We work with OEM daily and know many tricks that will help you better leverage the tool to monitor, report and automate your Oracle technology stack on-premise and in the cloud. Contact the Oracle experts at Mythics today!

Erik Benner, Vice President Enterprise Transformation, Mythics


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