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Do Winning Awards Like Oracle Partner of the Year Really Matter?!? Absolutely and Here is Why…

Posted on October 19, 2016 by Shane Smutz

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A customer recently asked me about the value of awards partners receive from IT vendors like Oracle.  I shared with them that Mythics puts a great deal of emphasis on being recognized as the “first”, “most” or “best” at what we do, as this motivates us to maintain our competitive advantage.  As a company, we are competitive and are constantly pushing to improve ourselves to better serve customers, Oracle, and our partners.  This internal corporate drive has led our team to be honored with quite a few industry and Oracle Partner of the Year awards over the years, which provides tremendous validation and confirmation of our strategy, capabilities and team. 

I was compelled to write this blog as a reflection on the importance of the “Oracle Partner of the Year – Complete Cloud Transformation Award” we were recognized with at Oracle OpenWorld 2016.    It is truly a unique award and speaks to who we are as a company, our culture of innovation and our approach to serving our customers.  

Mythics, as a company, embraces change. Migration to cloud is a dramatic change - a transformation in almost every sense of the word. The impact is evident across lines of business, IT, and operations. In most cases, it is highly disruptive and requires new thinking.

In an effort to truly understand the customer journey to the cloud, Mythics decided to aggressively adopt Oracle Cloud technologies across our enterprise to gain a clear perspective of the complete customer experience. The strategy required that we transform our business by emphasizing innovation and agility - the realized output was practical, real world expertise. We are now uniquely positioned to guide customers through their Oracle Cloud adoption, utilization, and sustainment activities.

Our market leading understanding and implementation capabilities in Oracle Engineered Systems, those that serve as the underlying infrastructure to some of Oracle's Cloud platforms, provided a unique knowledge base launching point for our internal adoption endeavor. As in the Oracle Engineered Systems space a number of years ago, we developed organic skills enabling us to deliver business value to customers leveraging our integrated expertise across product acquisition, contracting, consulting, training, and solution offering development. Our entire company worked together towards a common goal to build our world class Oracle Engineered Systems practice and we are now achieving the same for the Oracle Cloud.

The Complete Cloud Transformation Award embodies Mythics and our approach:

  • Complete - end to end solutions and capabilities provided in all markets
  • Cloud - delivering excellence across Oracle SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, private and hybrid cloud solutions
  • Transformation - innovative, agile internal adoption methodologies and best practices applied to Oracle Cloud customer adoption, utilization, and sustainment requirements leading to real business value, results, and positive change

We are honored to be recognized with the Complete Cloud Transformation Award and will remain vigilant in our mission to deliver unrivaled excellence in providing our customers with innovative Oracle Cloud solutions and services.

Shane Smutz, Executive Vice President, Mythics Consulting


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