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DoD Impact Levels and Provisional Authorizations for Oracle Cloud Apps and OCI, Explained

Posted on January 16, 2020 by Brian McCune

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In the past month, Oracle has made two significant announcements that impact how the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal government agencies can utilize Oracle Cloud. Oracle Cloud Applications received DoD Impact Level 4 (IL4) Provisional Authorization from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and the DoD. Oracle has also achieved Impact Level 5 (IL5) Provisional Authorization for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Both of these achievements solidify Oracle’s commitment to delivering innovative cloud solutions that enhance delivery service and provide robust security.

Before we get into the details of each provisional authorization, it’s important to understand DoD Impact levels and what they mean:

  • The Department of Defense has created cloud computing security requirements.  All Cloud Service Providers. (CSPs) which provide services to the DoD and related agencies must support these requirements.
  • The authorization program for ensuring that these requirements are upheld is managed by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

Impact levels are defined by a combination of multiple factors:

  • The sensitivity level of the information to be stored and processed in the cloud environment.
  • The potential impact that could result if the environment were breached and confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the data, systems or networks was lost or compromised.

The current Cloud Security Model (pictured below) defines four Impact Levels (IL): IL2, IL4, IL5, and IL6.

  • IL2 (lowest impact level) data is cleared for public release.
  • IL6 covers classified national security information which is to be upheld as secret.

Oracle Cloud Applications Achieves Department of Defense Impact Level 4 Provisional Authorization

With the IL4 Provisional Authorization, Oracle’s SaaS cloud suite is now available to the DoD and other agencies within the DoD community. Oracle Cloud Applications provide highly secure and reliable solutions to allow agencies to monitor and improve performance, mission posture, and readiness through increased user engagement.

Following this authorization, the DoD selected Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud to support its enterprise human resource portfolio. This implementation project will replace numerous legacy systems and modernize existing civilian personnel business process functions. The Oracle HCM solution will begin implementation in the Defense Manpower Data Center and will streamline processes in HR operations to improve user engagement and performance. This award further strengthens Oracle’s relationship with the United States Government, as more than 500 government agencies currently utilize Oracle technologies.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Achieves DISA Impact Level 5 Provisional Authorization

Oracle announced three new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Center government regions: Ashburn, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona, and Chicago, Illinois, with a plan to bring additional full-scale Gen 2 Cloud Regions online in 2020. The Gen 2 Cloud Regions are geographic regions that contain Oracle Gen 2 Cloud Data Centers. Oracle Gen 2 Cloud Data Centers are designed with scalable Oracle Exadata systems, built with Intel x86 processors, Oracle Linux and flash storage, to support and manage enterprise workloads.

With the IL5 Provisional Authorization, the DoD and other Federal Agencies will have the capability to leverage Oracle Cloud to serve their unique mission, security, flexibility, and performance requirements.


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Brian McCune, VP Sales, Mythics Inc.


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