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End-to-End Analytics Across Big Data and Data Warehouse for Data Monetization

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Bill Heenan

Tags: OOW15, Oracle OpenWorld, Big Data

Oracle OpenWorld is like a giant playground for everything Oracle.  You have all aspects from technology, architecture, executive, as well as, industry specific sessions.  I attended the above session on Monday afternoon, not really sure what to expect.  The session was conducted by two senior Oracle representatives who took somewhat of a unique approach to analytics.  The session started out with a basic understanding of data warehousing, big data and advanced analytics.  It ended with thoughts on a more technical approach to using parallelization to bring different sets of data together quickly.  It dove into typical concepts of trying to centralize and make data move as little as possible.  Overall some good information but difficult to present in 45 minutes.  But gives some thoughts and ideas going forward on various use cases.  The one outtake that as the leader of the Analytics Practice area is that Advanced Analytics has some value to clients from not only a modeling of results standpoint but offers performance improvements overall.  The other outtake, which I am unsure if I agree, but they mentioned through their research that clients would rather have data results and performance above accuracy.  In fact, they mentioned that 80% is acceptable for data accuracy as long as the results are delivered quickly. 

-Bill Heenan, Director-Analytics at Mythics, Inc.



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