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From ‘Cloud First’ to ‘Cloud Smart’

Posted on January 1, 2019 by Mark Johnson

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Many government agencies adopted a “Cloud First” policy for their Information Technology in the hope that they would get better service, increased security, and lower costs.  However, their definition of cloud was often particularly narrow, resulting in solutions that didn’t meet the prescribed goals.  Given that I’ve regularly stated that automation—wherever it is used—is the actual driver of improved IT and that customers should use automation to eliminate cloud lock-in, I am encouraged to see the new thinking from the US Federal CIO Council.

This “Cloud Smart” guidance encourages focus on the requirements (service, security, cost) while broadening the ways in which these can be provided.  Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach that only considers commercial cloud service providers with FedRAMP certifications, the Federal CIOs are encouraging, “…agency-hosted solutions, …shared services, multi-cloud, and hybrid solutions as appropriate.”  They point out that technology has advanced to the point where all these IT deployment models can have the efficiency, performance, and security advantages once sought from public cloud.

As IT experts—particularly for government—Mythics has recognized these truths for a long time and built a robust “IT-as-a-Service” practice.  Now we are pleased to announce some significant improvements in our Managed Service division that strengthen our ITaaS leadership.  We have aligned our services with the latest IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices, standardized our service catalog, and improved our use of automation to deliver even better service to our customers at a lower cost.  Using a workforce that is based entirely in the US, Mythics Managed Services consultants are ensuring the availability and performance of sensitive government systems every day.  With different delivery options, we can either back up your team and provide night & weekend monitoring and remediation or can take the day-to-day management of your systems to leave your team free to focus on higher value activities.  

To explore the full range of private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions to meet your IT requirements, reach out to the Mythics Managed Services team today!

Mark Johnson, Vice President IT Automation, Mythics Inc.


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