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Handle High-Demand Workloads with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Posted on March 23, 2018 by Brent Seaman

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Organizations are adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) at an increasing pace.  Why?  It outperforms other cloud infrastructure available on the market today, and OCI is priced at or below competitive options.  OCI includes features we have been waiting for from any Cloud Service Provider.  Besides the intense performance inherent within the underlying OCI architecture, one feature that I’m particularly happy with is compartments – giving parent/child segmentation control within a single tenancy. 

To provide a taste of the performance capability of OCI in a practical setting, we created a demo lab that exercises peak workload processing cycles of PeopleSoft Payroll.  We load tested small and medium image sizes and captured results with Oracle Management Cloud.  The results of system resources are compared and evaluated for production workload scaling.  These results will help plan for extending your application deployment pipeline with development and test environments to match your needs. 

You can see for yourself by logging on to the Oracle JumpStart demo lab portal and launching our demo environments.  By doing so, you can experience cloud automation or hands-on with the latest PeopleSoft version (or experience both if you are so inclined):

  • Automated launch with Terraform of two fully configured PeopleSoft environments in <5 minutes
  • Self-guided demo script with PeopleSoft HCM 9.2/8.56 Fluid new features and UI

The journey to the cloud can be difficult to navigate. Mythics is here to help guide your cloud adoption to ensure your success.  Connect with the Mythics Cloud Team to discuss your unique environment and learn how we can help you meet your goals.

Brent Seaman, Vice President Cloud Solutions, Mythics Inc.


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