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Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Move Your Applications to the Cloud? Achieve that Goal with Mythics

Posted on January 3, 2018 by Chris Richards

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As we enter the New Year our customers are continuing to accelerate their adoption of moving applications and critical systems into public and private clouds.  More and more of our customers are prioritizing leveraging their talent and resources to drive more innovation and better customer service, vs. spending the majority of their time and investments running and maintaining IT systems.

After many successful cloud modernization and IT transformation projects with our Federal, State and Local, Higher Education, Utility and Commercial customers, the journey typically starts with these basic sets of questions: 

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I develop the business case to justify this migration?
  • How do I build the technical plan to securely and safely migrate my data and application(s)?
  • How do I evaluate a cloud migration partner and their staff, to ensure I am selecting the right organization to ensure my organization is successful?
  • How do I ensure a smooth cutover from my legacy systems, with no down time?
  • How do I cost effectively maintain and update these new cloud systems once launched?

Like your own personal cloud migration life coach, Mythics is here to help you with this New Year’s Resolution or at anytime in 2018 as you evaluate moving to the cloud.  We’ve worked hard to develop a structured approach that helps you at every stage of your journey to ensure you are successful.     

See a snapshot of our journey below including our Cloud Assessment (How you get started & how you build a business case), a sample PeopleSoft Move and Improve Cloud Migration Bundle (a prebuilt methodology, technical plan and cloud consulting services you need for a successful migration) and our Cloud Managed Services (giving you cost effective resources to maintain and update your new environment) once launched.

For more information please visit or contact us to schedule a discussion about your unique cloud migration needs.

Chris Richards, Vice President Marketing, Mythics Inc.


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