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Lessons from Shakespeare:  The Cloud Can’t Fix Everything

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Marc Boorshtein

Tags: Mythics Consulting, Cloud Computing, Project Management

“All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this failed deployment” - paraphrased from Macbeth, Act V Scene I.

Many cloud providers will come to your enterprise saying their solution can replace your in-house solution or require that you not build any in-house solutions at all.  You should be leery of such claims, as it is important to not only make sure that an offering matches your business needs but to also make sure that the consultants doing the implementation are properly managing expectations.

Take the case of My Pillow, currently in a lawsuit with

A consultant told them they could track adds, viewers and customers the way they wanted with no software, just!  This project failed and said they could deliver with an upfront payment, and also failed to deliver. 

Is this to say that “The Cloud” and cloud-based solutions are not a good approach?  Of course not.  When it comes time to evaluate how to implement a solution for your business issue make sure you choose a partner that:

  • Understands your business and issues;
  • Understands the technology you are looking to implement;
  • Can explain several solutions to you and how they apply to your business;
  • Doesn't try to show only the advantages to a particular platform, but the risks, too; and,
  • Has references to show their credentials.

The cloud isn't a silver bullet that eliminates the need for sound advice and project management.  In contrast, because it offers flexibility and affordability it's more important to stick to best principals to make sure of the success of your projects. 


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