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MYTHICS COMPLETE - Executive Corner by Shane Smutz, VP of Sales, Mythics Consulting

Posted on February 28, 2013 by Shane Smutz

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shane_smutz.jpgOracle's main message to the marketplace, "Engineered to Work Together", is impossible to miss. It is visible on almost every piece of Oracle collateral, marketing content, website banner, and business card. What is this really telling us? It's telling us that they have placed their bet (in a big way) on integration. Oracle's strategy is founded on the principal that tightly integrated solutions are of higher value and are more effective than the "best of breed" approach.

How can Mythics adopt this message and apply it to our business? The answer is…we already have. The concept of "Mythics Complete" reinforces the importance of running a tightly integrated business to support all of our customer's needs. In order for us to provide world class service in the main areas of customer engagement, integration is critical.

Mythics goal is to provide high value solutions as our customers move from solution assessment to execution to ongoing support - all along the four main pillars of Mythics Complete: Architecture > Procurement > Training > Consulting. This can only be successfully achieved by a high level of internal integration.

How does Mythics take this concept to the next level?

  • Focus on our core business. We are the Oracle experts. Our team will continue to be efficient and effective in supporting the strong business relationships we have cultivated, while searching for new ones. We will remain vigilant appreciating the importance of our customer's long term success and will add value throughout their experience with Oracle technology. This is achieved by our sole focus on end-to-end Oracle solutons, our Oracle systems expertise, our vertical market expertise, the access we can provide to robust contract vehicles, our experienced and dedicated account teams, and – most importantly – our commitment to taking care of our customers.
  • Support Oracle and Oracle customers like no other partner. Our team will continue to be more flexible, more creative, communicate better, support more broadly, and remain unique. We redefine what it means to really and truly support Oracle and Oracle customers. Our team is highly skilled at understanding what our customers are trying to accomplish, building a tailored solution for each, and delivering a high value solution that exceeds expectations. We understand that every client is different and every customer requirement is unique. It is our mission to integrate Oracle systems in order to improve business results, efficiencies and maximize the return on Oracle investments.
  • Lead market consumption of new Oracle technologies. Continue to be aggressive and innovative in embracing and becoming experts in emerging Oracle technologies. As we have with Engineered Systems and many Oracle initiatives, we will invest in new areas, build unique organic expertise, and create resulting high value solutions. We are committed to maintaining a lead position in the market.

At Mythics, we are proud of where we stand as an organization and with a continued focus on tight integration within Mythics, we are "Engineered to Work Together" towards our customer's success.


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