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Mythics Offers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Autonomous Database Cloud Rapid Success Solutions

Posted on May 8, 2019 by Brent Seaman

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If you are exploring the idea of Oracle Cloud Services and need some help getting started, take a look at the new service bundles we've put together using our Rapid Success Solutions (RSS) framework.  

Supporting customer needs and market trends for Oracle Cloud, Mythics crafted solutions to address specific needs for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Autonomous Database (ADB).  While evaluating and adopting Oracle Cloud services, our customers have repeatedly expressed the need for:   

  • A standard implementation approach – "Let's not reinvent the wheel."
  • A project guide to plan, prepare, and navigate the move to cloud – "Help us get out of the data center business."  
  • A quick win leveraging the cloud investment, with a view to the broader cloud project roadmap – "You've done it before; we want to benefit from your experience." 

Our two new service bundles offer clearly defined services for OCI and ADB, with an ability to tailor services within the Federal, State and Local Government, Utilities, Commercial, Healthcare, and Higher Education markets.  

The offerings cover common aspects of Oracle cloud, including in-depth network and infrastructure planning & design.  Our design-to-build method and tools guide you through a proven path, documenting and delivering a fully functional cloud tenancy.  The inherent transition strategy outlines the nuances of migrating your first database to the cloud in a predictable timeframe.  

The Rapid Success implementation approach delivers value by leveraging our knowledge and experience across our customer install base.  Two examples of recent knowledge sharing that could benefit your move to Oracle Cloud: 

  1. Planning your cloud network will likely define inbound and outbound internet access.  This article outlines your options – and also shows a portion of network planning and design you consider in a defined structured approach. 
  2. Planning your application migration production cutover may require a near-zero downtime migration strategy for go-live.  Consider these things when planning for production cutover.

The journey to the cloud can be difficult to navigate. Mythics is here to help guide your cloud adoption to ensure your success. Contact Us or email

Brent Seaman - Vice President, Cloud Solutions, Mythics, Inc


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