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Oracle Database 11gR2 Support Has Expired! But there is a Waiver? Confused? See Our Guide Inside

Posted on February 3, 2015 by Zeb Mellett

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Did you know that Premier Support for the Oracle Database 11gR2 has expired on 1/31/2015?   Did you also know that Oracle has now issued a waiver extending that support until 1/31/2016? 

Are you confused?  So were we, so we have built the “Mythics Database 11gR2 De-Support Guide” for all our existing Oracle Database customers to help set the facts straight to make sure you and your organization are covered.

FREE GUIDE: Click to Download the Mythics Oracle Database 11gR2 De-Support Guide Today

Topics inside the Mythics Database 11gR2 De-Support Guide Cover:

  • Detailed and verified dates from Oracle on the new extended 11gR2 de-support timeline.
  • What that extension of support means (and what’s covered under the extension) and for how long.
  • What options beyond the extension do customers have to make sure they have the support they need.
  • Recommended next steps on how to build your de-support contingency plans that meet your organization's unique needs.


Chris Richards - Vice President, Marketing


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