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Mythics Prepares for Hurricane Irene

Posted on August 26, 2011 by Richard Walters

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Greetings from Mythics headquarters in Virginia Beach, where we are awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene.  At this point, the impact is out of our hands and our prayers are with the Mythics family.  Regardless of what happens, Mythics customers and staff can be assured by the extraordinary steps Mythics has gone to avoid disruptions to operations. Over the past year, the management team has spent considerable time updating our continuity of operations (COOP) plan, and has invested considerably in making our IT systems and other key business systems more robust and redundant. As Irene approached this week, the management team met 2-3 times a day to review its progress and to update our response.  Based on the worsening forecast, we began to implement more of our COOP plan.  To keep the office working, we brought in a generator so that we can keep operating if we lose power, we’ve stocked the office with food and water and, as a further step, we’ve deployed Mythics staff to our northern Virginia office.  We’re as ready as we can be to keep supporting our customers and partners.  - Richard Walters, President, Mythics Consulting


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