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OEM13c on the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)?  It’s a Game-Changer. Learn Why Today…

Posted on December 8, 2016 by Erik Benner

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Many of those who know me, know I am a huge proponent of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13C (OEM13c) as a tool for holistic monitoring and management for both your Oracle and non-Oracle applications, infrastructure and cloud environments from a single interface. OEM13c has the ability to monitor applications, as well as the infrastructure that supports the application, middleware, database, operating system, storage and more.

I am often asked where should OEM13c be run, and my answer for years has been on an Oracle Database Appliance (ODA).  Despite it's name, the ODA can run applications, and do a great job of it!   In the case on OEM13c, not only can you run the OMR database, but also the AWR repository database, with plenty of power to spare.  Using ODA X6 S/M/L systems, you have the option of a low cost environment to run OEM13c on. With the HA ODA model, you can run a highly available OEM13c installation.  On the application tier, you can easily run dual OMS VMs, providing high levels of availability for your OEM13c environment. You also have the huge advantage of having your OEM13c isolated on its own island for the database and application tier. This enables your OEM13c system to run even when your main VM farm goes offline, or if a storage network crashes, or an array goes offline, or a myriad of other problems that can occur. The only requirement for OEM13c on ODA is power and network connectivity.

OEM13c enables traditional network management capabilities, including notifications of your critical systems if they go down, but as an added bonus you can use the corrective actions functionality to auto respond to the outages. For example, images that have an ESX server hang, OEM13c can proactively detect the problem, power cycle the ESX server automatically. This is the power of EM13c. 

OEM13c on an ODA delivers a single-pane of glass which becomes the nerve center of your IT operations, monitoring and managing horizontally across all of your operating systems, databases, applications, engineered systems and vertically within and across clouds from a single interface. OEM13c also uniquely addresses security compliance tracking and auditing and has the ability to resolve issues directly vs. just reporting them.

If you are interested in learning more but are worried about how to architect, size, install and implement OEM13c on an ODA our team has you covered.  Mythics just launched a new a Rapid Success Solutions (RSS) bundle for OEM13c on ODA.  The OEM13c RSS on ODA covers the installation and initial configuration of OEM13c on ODA X6S/M/L or the highly available ODA-HA. There are also options available to leverage service add-ons that can provide valuable training for your administrators, on how to best leverage the abilities of OEM13c for database management and security configuration and monitoring of your environment.

For more information visit or or Contact Us directly to discuss your unique IT operations management and monitoring requirements and needs.

Erik Benner, Enterprise Architect, Mythics Inc.


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