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Old is Expensive! Upgrading IT Performance & Business Agility for Free?

Posted on April 25, 2019 by Erik Benner

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Every day I have the pleasure of talking with bright and motivated customers around the country, with the goal of helping them solve their unique business challenges or grab and capitalize on competitive advantages.

Often, the top executive, business line and IT leadership express concerns that they are faced with two tasks that they believe conflict; 1) reducing expenses and 2) improving performance and security. They need to reduce expenses, not only the capital expenses for software and hardware, but also the operational expenses like support fees and the operation teams that support the mission and business critical applications. There is also a need to secure the data, by encrypting data at rest and data in flight, along with the need to protect against operation threats, like hardware failures.

It is possible to do this if your willing to think a little outside the box. I recently wrote a case study whitepaper that explains how one prominent Life Sciences client did both, with their first-year savings being three times what they spent on the entire project. They also had the opportunity to improve security and high availability at the same time.

Please contact us if you are researching or considering converged infrastructures, hybrid or private cloud architectures to maximize your organization's success. 

To learn more, view and download the case study HERE

Erik Benner, VP Enterprise Transformation, Mythics Inc.


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