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Oracle Database 11gR2 Support Has Expired! But there is a Waiver? Confused? See Our V2 Guide Inside

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Zeb Mellett

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Did you know that as of 1/31/2015 Premier Support for Oracle Database 11.2 (aka 11gR2) has ended?  On 2/1/2015 Oracle placed this version on "Extended Support".  Oracle will be providing Extended Support for through 12/31/2020.

Are you confused?  No problem - the Oracle Database experts at Mythics are here to help.   See our  *FREE* "Mythics - Oracle Database 11gR2 Support Guide Version 2" we have built for all of our existing Oracle Database customers, to help explain the support facts surrounding 11gR2 and make sure you and your organization are covered.  This is an update to our guide we orginally published February of 2015, with new information surrounding support expirations and options.

FREE GUIDE: Download the Mythics Oracle Database 11gR2 V2 Support Guide Today

 Topics inside the Mythics Database 11gR2 V2 Support Guide Cover:

  • Detailed and verified dates from Oracle on the new extended 11gR2 de-support timeline.
  • What that extension of support means (and what’s covered under the extension) and for how long.
  • What options beyond the extension do customers have to make sure they have the support they need.
  • Recommended next steps on how to build your de-support contingency plans that meet your organization's unique needs.

If you are you considering a move to Oracle Database 12c, drop us a line and speak to one of our Oracle Database experts who can help you understand the business and technology benefits of an upgrade to Oracle Database 12c.   Our consulting team can also help architect a solution specifically designed for your organization.  See a great 12c benefits summary on the Mythics Blog:  "It's Time to Upgrade to 12c, Here is Why and Here is How" by Randy Hardee, VP Technology, Mythics

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