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Oracle Documents Cloud Service – New Features – 16.3.1

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Jonathan Hult

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Oracle Documents Cloud Service – New Features – 16.3.1

Oracle Documents Cloud Service (DOCS) was upgraded to 16.3.1 to include the following features:


Rich admin audit and analytics

  • Tenant administrators can now obtain usage audit and analytics such as:
  1. Dashboard view of total users in the account, number of daily active users, total number of files uploaded, total number of conversations created, etc.
  2. Trends of daily active users over time, new conversations created over time, split of logins by device type, by country, etc.
  3. Usage patterns of files, for example, number of content item uploaded/day, number of links shared/user, number of conversations created/user, etc.
  4. Adoption trends based on active user and churn rate.
  • All of the data can also be exported and downloaded in CSV format.
  • Administrators can access this from the pull-down menu next to the email address displayed at the top right in the Web UI.

Enhanced Metadata Support

  • Support of the Metadata APIs have been expanded so that any user can now create metadata (as opposed to only the Admin)
  • Metadata is scoped to that user so multiple users can create metadata collections that share the same name.
  • Users can share metadata collections allowing others to use their defined metadata.
  • Search has been expanded to search through metadata values as well.

UX improvements in Mobile, Web and Desktop

  • Easy navigation between Documents, Conversations and Sites allows users to switch between them seamlessly
  • Sites Manager has gone through a significant UI enhancement to ensure consistency and ease of use for the end user.



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