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Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Review - More Tools for the IT Toolbox

Posted on January 21, 2016 by Erik Benner

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As an early Christmas gift, Oracle released the latest major release of Enterprise Manager to the public. This new release continues to extend the features and functionality of Enterprise manager 12c and enables a single pane of glass for managing and monitoring all of your enterprise assets. While the number 13 gives many cultures the jitters, it looks to be a good number for Oracle.

There are a few significant new features in Enterprise Manager 13c that focus on enhancing your agencies security posture, and reduce operational expenses with true "Cloud" management capabilities.

The first new feature is a result of Oracle’s SUN acquisition, a truly converged management tool. In the past, the server management teams have had to use two tools, Enterprise Manager for most tasks relating to the Operating System and up the stack, and OpsCenter for tasks at the Operating System level and below. Since the acquisition of SUN, Oracle has been promising a converged management tool and Enterprise Manager 13c delivers! It is the first tool that allows an administrator to provision, patch and monitor an entire application stack. From the Network to the Application itself, you can manage the entire environment. The true value of this feature is illustrated by a task we all dread doing… patching systems. In Enterprise Manager 13c, you can now patch an Exadata… that is correct… grab a deep breath, and sit down. YOU can patch your Exadata!

Not only can you patch an Exadata, the new (and evolving) infrastructure management feature allows the administrator to manage many different infrastructure target types, including servers, storage, network and even Virtual Machines in Oracle VM. This also enables better management of Engineered Systems, including the ability to complete manage the patching process for an Exadata and Exalytics. The patching application will run the pre-flight checks, monitor logs for all phases of the patch from firmware up through the software stack, including the Storage cells, Operating System, grid infrastructure, databases, and middleware (in the case of the Exalytics).

Enterprise Manager 13c also introduces improved Security features for the Databases, with a new plugin that provides fine grain access control, called Flexible Database Access Control. This new Enterprise Plugin allows the Security Administrator to limit the ability of an Enterprise Manager user to specific functions within a database. A common example is granting a developer the privileges to look the execution plan metrics, without having access to see Security, Schema Objects, Data, or Administration information for the database.

It is not just the System and Database administrators that benefit from this release. Middleware administrators have also received a much needed gift. In Enterprise Manager 13c, the Middleware consoles have been merged into the new Java Workload Explorer. This new tool allows a Middleware administrator to view and summarize metrics across MULTIPLE JVMs at the same time. This allows for faster problem resolution times, even when the application crosses multiple JVMs. Not only can you compare data between JVMs, you can also track performance against a baseline metric!

This enables a Middleware administrator to quickly identify problems that are exceptions to the normal operations of the application. You can also quickly drill down into the call tree and rapidly identify problem methods.

There a many more new features in Enterprise Manager 13c that benefit all of Oracle’s customers across Federal, State and Local Government, Utilities, Commercial, and Higher Education verticals. For more information on how you can enhance monitoring and management capabilities across your on premise and Cloud environments contact Mythics today and we can help answer any questions you may have about your unique needs.


Erik Benner, Enterprise Architect, Mythics Inc.


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