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Oracle Releases Enterprise Manager 13.2, Have You Upgraded and Secured Your Environment Yet?

Posted on October 13, 2016 by Erik Benner

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Last week Oracle opened up the download flood gates with the release of the much anticipated update to their popular Enterprise Manager software. The Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 2 ( is focused on two areas, security and infrastructure. The primary focus in the security side is improving the security between the agents and the Enterprise Manager server, with SSL being replaced by the more secure TLS 1.2 protocol. TLS is the new name for SSL, with older versions using the SSL name, up to SSL version 3.0. The name was then changed to TLS to avoid any legal issues with Netscape, allowing the protocol to be both open and free to the community. TLS 1.0 is basically “SSL 3.1". Based on TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 contains improved flexibility. One of the primary goals of the TLS 1.2 revision was to remove the protocol’s dependency on the MD5 and SHA-1 digest algorithms, improving the integrity of the encryption.

Many improvements have also been made to the infrastructure features, with IPv6 being supported, an important feature for our Federal clients that are rapidly adopting IPv6.

Other noteable improvements include:

  • Support for the Exadata X6-2 and X6-8
  • Support for OVM 3.4, enabling the easy creation of private clouds
  • ASR (phone home) integration
  • Solaris Compliance checks, enabling mass reporting on Solaris security compliance
  • Always on monitoring being extended to run on secondary hosts
  • Improved hybrid cloud management, with automated discovery of public cloud targets
  • Support for Weblogic 12.2, including WLS multitenancy

For more information see my video review on "IT Central Station" on Oracle Enterprise Manager Below:


If your organization is interested in getting some assistance in upgrading or deploying Enterprise Manager, including seeing demonstrations on how Enterprise Manager can be used to monitor and automatically correct security compliance issues please reach out to your Mythics sales rep, or drop us a note at and we will be in touch.

Erik Benner, Enterprise Architect, Mythics Inc.


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