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An Introduction to the Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance

Posted on December 21, 2015 by Jonathan Hult

Tags: Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle Storage, Storage, OSCA, Oracls Storage Cloud Software Appliance

Oracle is set to release the Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance (SCSA) soon. This appliance is a major step forward in interacting with Oracle Storage Cloud Service. There is no longer a need to invoke REST API calls or use the Java SDK.

What is it?

The appliance quickly and easily connects your on-premises software applications to Storage Cloud Service using standard file-based network protocols (NFS v4).

How does it work?

You simply deploy and launch the appliance on a host in your data center. Then, you create local file systems and mount them to your containers in the Storage Cloud Service. To upload data to a container, you just copy the data to the matching local file system. The appliance transparently caches the data, encrypts it and uploads it to the Storage Cloud Service. Frequently accessed data is cached locally, so your applications retrieve data as fast as they would if they were in your data center.

What about security?

To make sure your data remains secure in transit, you can configure the appliance to automatically encrypt sensitive data before it leaves your data center.

What about interruptions?

The appliance segments large files and uploads them to the Storage Cloud Service. If an upload is interrupted, it is conveniently and transparently resumed.

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