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New Oracle VM 3 Cloud Book by Erik Benner, Mythics VP Enterprise Transformation

Posted on September 13, 2017 by Chris Richards

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I am excited to post today, announcing a new book by our Vice President of Enterprise Transformation, Erik Benner. The book titled, “Oracle VM 3 Cloud Implementation and Administration Guide” was written by Erik, along with Ed Whalen and Nic Ventura and published by Oracle Press.

The book is a step-by-step guide for how to size, deploy and manage private clouds based on Oracle VM. How to choose and deploy virtualized servers and manage the environment based on either traditional servers or the Oracle PCA. This includes resource monitoring, chargeback models for internal billing and more! If you are currently running Oracle VM, this guide will teach you some new tricks! If you are currently considering Oracle VM, this is a great tool to help with your deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Below is a full chapter listing, highlighting all the topics covered. You can purchase a copy of the book through Amazon here: Order from Amazon

Part I: Introduction to Oracle VM
Chapter 1: Introduction to Virtualization
Chapter 2: What is Oracle VM
Chapter 3: Oracle VM Architecture
Chapter 4: Virtual Machine Lifecycle Management
Chapter 5: Planning and Sizing the Enterprise VM Farm
Chapter 6: What's New in Oracle VM 3
Chapter 7: Disaster Recovery Planning
Chapter 8: Overview of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Part II: Installing and Configuring Oracle VM
Chapter 9: Installing the Oracle VM Server
Chapter 10: Installing and Configuring Oracle VM Manager
Chapter 11: Installing and Configuring the Oracle VM CLI
Chapter 12: Configuring the VM Server Network
Chapter 13: Configuring the VM Server Storage

Part III: Managing Oracle VM
Chapter 14: Swimming in Server Pools
Chapter 15: Configuring Server Resources
Chapter 16: Monitoring and Tuning the Virtual Machine Server

Part IV: Installing and Configuring the VM Guest Additions
Chapter 17: Creating Templates
Chapter 18: Creating Virtual Machines Using Templates
Chapter 19: Creating Virtual Machines Manually
Chapter 20: Managing the VM Environment and Virtual Machines
Chapter 21: Physical to Virtual Migration and Virtual to Virtual Migration
Chapter 22: Virtualization Summary and Best Practices

Part V: Installing and Configuring Enterprise Manager Cloud Control for IaaS
Chapter 23: Basic Cloud Control Installation
Chapter 24: Using Cloud Control
Chapter 25: Advanced Cloud Control and User Self-Provisioning

Part VI: Disaster Recovery, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
Chapter 26: Oracle VM Disaster Recovery and Oracle SiteGuard
Chapter 27: Oracle VM Maintenance
Chapter 28: Oracle VM Troubleshooting

Mythics is proud to have Erik on our team, leveraging his 25+ years of industry knowledge to serve as a lead strategist for Federal, State and Local Government and Commercial customers throughout the United States. Erik was also recently named as the first ever Oracle Ace Director for Cloud. If you would like to keep up with the latest from Erik, he maintains a personal blog and is a major contributor to the Mythics blog - The Daedalus.

Chris Richards, VP Marketing, Mythics Inc.



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