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Recap: Mythics Celebrates Black History Month 2021

Posted on March 11, 2021 by Chris Richards

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Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by Black Americans and a time where we honor and recognize the role of Black communities in U.S. History. Team Mythics participated in a month-long celebration of Black History in America. Throughout February, Mythics hosted several activities to celebrate and educate employees about the importance and impact of Black history.

Our Values Committee put together a great daily trivia challenge focused on Black American musicians, writers, athletes, and other accomplishments and pivotal moments in Black American history. The committee also created a Black History Month Weekly Spotlight where they highlighted and educated employees about Black American figures or topics. This year’s topics and figures included Marian Anderson, Amanda Gorman, Marie Van Brittan Brown, and the origins of soul food and jazz music.

Our team also submitted names of books and movies that represented Black History Month, and it was compiled into a Black History Month Movie and Book List that we shared with the company. Some of the books on the list included Becoming by Michelle Obama, Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, and Where Do We Go from Here? by Martin Luther King Jr. The movie list included titles like, The Color Purple, Hidden Figures, The Secret Life of Bees, and Remember the Titans.

The culmination of our month was the Black History Showcase, which recognized the achievements of our employees. The showcase included poetry and a musical performance featuring Christie Pesseh and a panel discussion with Deonte Watters and James Cooper, sharing their experiences and what Black History Month means to them. This event was so special and an excellent opportunity for our team to celebrate and learn. We are so proud of the fantastic talent showcased, and we all learned so much from the insightful panel discussion.

Check out some photos of our event below.

Our Black History Month Showcase was hosted by Levi Wilson and Ashley Brewer.

     Christie Pesseh and friends joined us for an amazing poetry, vocal, and musical performance!

James Cooper and Deonte Watters joined Levi Wilson for a panel discussion on what Black History Month means to them and some insightful conversations on their experiences.


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