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Looking to Reduce Your IT Spend? Mythics Has 5 Ideas to Help You Get Started

Posted on March 18, 2021 by Erik Benner

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Mythics understands that most of our customers are facing budget challenges, with revenues down and costs increasing. COVID-19 has really impacted our customers, many facing budget short-falls and staffing challenges for the first time in over a decade.

What has surprised me, though, is how many customers are surprised when we try to find ways to save them money! Mythics has a long history of partnering with our customers and building long-term relationships. We are not in the business of one and done, which means we have to do what is right for the customer. Often, that means showing them ways where they can reduce their expenses.

We have put together the top five ways we can help you reduce costs. These methods and technologies can show significant savings, like reducing your Linux bill by over 50% or introducing technologies that help reduce staffing costs by 30%. It doesn’t matter if you are a small city, a larger Federal Agency, or a commercial customer; these top 5 ways will save your organization time and money and often improve security!

Want to learn more about the top 5 Ways to Reduce Your IT Spend? Check out our infographic to learn more about the solutions that can transform your organization and lower your IT spend. Download the infographic here.

Ready to start modernizing and saving? Contact the Oracle experts at Mythics to get started!

Erik Benner, Vice President Enterprise Transformation, Mythics


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