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Security is Like a Pillow - In Search of a New Metaphor

Posted on April 17, 2013 by Sean Wang

Tags: Mythics Consulting, Security

Pillows come in different sizes and shapes and they can have different colors, styles, cushions, and features.  However, the best pillow is not necessarily the most expensive one, or the prettiest one; the best pillow for you is the one that provides protection, support and comfort to you – your body and your head.

Security is like a pillow – it comes with different sizes, shapes and features, and you can put anything in it.

So, what is the best security then?

Just like a pillow, the best security is not necessarily the most expensive one, or the most fancy-looking one; the best security is the one that matches your organization needs, the one that fits your organization’s budget, the one that provides balanced protection, support and comfort, the one that is good for your organization only.

Each organization is unique, so the security requirements should be unique. No organization should simply copy or mimic other organization’s security. Select the security that fits your organization, just like you pick up that perfect pillow.


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