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Thoughts on WebCenter Social

Posted on October 19, 2011 by Troy Sanchez

Tags: Oracle, WebCenter, Social Networking, Enterprise Collaboration

During Oracle OpenWorld 2011, Larry Ellison announced Oracle Social Network, an enterprise collaboration and social networking tool for business.  Collaborating across the enterprise has always been disconnected.  With existing collaboration tools like email, phone, voicemails, and IM’s, it is still difficult for the enterprise to keep a particular conversation in one place.  For a company like Mythics, where our sales cycles sometimes include software license sales to delivery of services, or consulting sales to consulting delivery; using Social Collaboration will increasingly enhance the productivity and ensure a seamless transition from sales to delivery.   

During the Oracle Federal Forum yesterday, Andy Kershaw introduced WebCenter Social, formerly WebCenter Connect.  WebCenter Social is one of the pieces of the WebCenter family, including Sites, Portal, and Content.  The first time I saw Andy demo this was back in July 2011 during the Oracle E2.0 partner briefing.  WebCenter Social allows for contextual collaboration across the enterprise.   For those of you who use Facebook, think of WebCenter Social as being “facebook-like”, in that you can collaborate with your team members.  However, there are many differences.  For example, conversations are only exposed to team members you include in the conversation.  You can upload a document in the conversation and be able to preview the document using Outsite-In technology.  While previewing, you can highlight and comment on specific sentences or paragraphs in the document.  This is a great feature in that you don’t have to describe to someone what sentence to look for.  Instead, you can highlight and a comment the section of the document you want reviewed.

WebCenter Social is a secure tool for everyone you work with – inside and outside of the corporate walls.  It drives enterprise collaboration through natural conversations.  You can build cross-enterprise knowledge by integrating conversations with CRM, HCM, and other business applications.  WebCenter Social is available in the Cloud or On-Premise.   It is a secure collaboration for everyone you work with. 

Oracle’s next look at this technology is tomorrow by webcast when Andy Kershaw and Stephen Fioretti discuss “Social Networking Without the Noise.”


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