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Try SPARC for Free!

Posted on June 16, 2015 by Erik Benner

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Mythics, through our partnership with Oracle-Fujitsu, is offering its M10 servers through a loaner program that lets organizations bring in the systems for free to test them out in their environments.

Under the provisions of the program, customers can install M10-1 and M10-4 servers at no cost for up to two months, in their data center, to evaluate the systems, test new technologies, ensure business continuity, and help them during IT modernization and consolidation projects.

As Agencies and businesses grow, IT departments typically respond to increasing or changing demands for services by adding more servers to their environment, creating a complex sprawling data center landscape. These fragile and complex IT infrastructures are difficult to manage and introduce application performance and reliability issues into the environment. Consolidating multiple workloads onto a smaller number of more powerful systems can simplify data center infrastructure, resulting in increased business agility and operational efficiency. Operational expenses are also reduced through reduced physical requirements, embedded automation and more efficient usages of Oracle Licenses.

Oracle-Fujitsu upgraded both the M10-1 and M10-4 systems in April with the more powerful SPARC64 X+ chip. This upgraded processor brings more performance from both the single-socket, 1U M10-1 and compact M10-4, a four sockets , 4U server. This upgrade brings the M10-1 and M10-4 in line with the scalable M10-4S server, which already ran on the 3.7GHz chip. The higher performance and compute features in the servers make them a good fit for cloud workloads, database workloads and big data analytics. Combined with Software On Chip, and you get encryption on speeds faster the 10G Ethernet, and SIMD acceleration for In-Memory database, the perfect combination for environments that need fast and secure database servers.

The servers run Oracle Solaris, which includes built-in virtualization, security compliance tools, software-defined networking (SDN), and a full distribution of the OpenStack cloud orchestration stack. If you happen to be in the DC Metro area, Mythics and Oracle is sponsoring a free Openstack workshop on July 9th. Details are here:

Customers using the loaner program can specify the configurations they're looking for and Mythics will deliver the customized servers. Contact your Mythics Sales representative to schedule your free evaluation, and learn more about how these systems can provide a cost-effective solution for your Oracle environments.

Erik Benner, Enterprise Architect, Mythics Inc.


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