Mythics Data Security and Remediation Brochure

Mythics Data Security and Remediation Brochure

An organizations data is a critical asset that must be protected. Mythics offers a full range of data security assessments designed to identify and evaluate data security vulnerabilities and provide recommended remediation services.

The Mythics Data Security Assessment

The Mythics Data Security Assessment (MDSA) is a tailored engagement, consisting of a discovery, analysis and remediation of security risks within your organization’s Oracle data environment. Mythics Oracle security experts will review your organization’s existing data security policies, data storage and access models, and perform a variety of data security assessments to identify vulnerabilities with security controls, security enforcement, deployment architecture and other related factors.

At the conclusion of the assessment, Mythics will deliver a detailed Data Assessment Report identifying threats and vulnerabilities along with actionable mitigation options to the issues identified. Mythics will assist in the execution of the remediation plan required to address the items in the assessment.

Mythics’ practical approach to implementation of data security is based on proven industry standards including PCI, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, NERC-CIP and maintains the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information systems by certified industry professionals.

Assessment Services

  • Data and Attribute Discovery and Impact
  • Data Security and Privacy Policy Assessment
  • Access Control Audit
  • Data Compliance Audit

Oracle Enterprise Data Protection Services

  • Data Encryption
  • Data Masking & Subsetting
  • Data Redaction
  • Data Repository Hardening and STIG Implementation
  • Privilege User Management

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