Mythics Cloud Viability Assessment (CVA)

Mythics Cloud Viability Assessment (CVA)

The Cloud Viability Assessment (CVA) is designed to evaluate and answer customer-specific questions about moving to the cloud.  During a CVA, Mythics will work with the customer to understand their goals and challenges, as well as their current applications and systems in place.  This information will allow our team of experts to provide educated options and recommendations that map out a cloud migration build that is consistent with the customer’s unique needs.

Questions the CVA Will Help Answer:

  • Should I upgrade my current systems or move to the cloud?
  • What is the value for us to move to the cloud?
  • What gaps are in my existing systems customizations when comparing cloud?
  • What new functionality do I gain under a cloud migration or adoption?
  • What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) comparison between fixing what we have vs. moving to the cloud? What is the cost of doing nothing?
  • Is there an approach to move only specific systems to the cloud?
  • What is the business case, for moving to the cloud that I can use internally and with senior executive staffers, or organizational boards to help justify a modernization effort?

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