Mythics OEM13c Rapid Success Solutions Plus Oracle Database Appliance

Mythics OEM13c Rapid Success Solutions Plus Oracle Database Appliance

OEM13c is a single-pane of glass that is the nerve center of IT operations, capable of monitoring and managing horizontally across all of your operating systems, databases, applications, engineered systems and vertically within and across clouds from a single interface. OEM13c also uniquely addresses security compliance tracking and auditing and has the ability to resolve issues directly vs. just reporting them.

Mythics created the Oracle Enterprise Manager Rapid Success Solutions (OEM RSS) on the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), to provide critical services to help with the smooth and rapid implementations of OEM13c on the ODA platform. The bundle of OEM13c on ODA with Mythics services delivers a powerful easy to use system, designed, tuned and maximized to deliver unrivaled enterprise management capabilities.

Mythics OEM13c Rapid Success Solutions + Oracle Database Appliance Services:

  • Standard - OEM RSS on ODA (ODA X6-2S/2M/2L)
  • Enterprise - OEM RSS on ODA (ODA X6-2-HA)
  • Database Management Add-On
  • Security Add-On


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