Mythics Oracle Database 11gR2 Support Guide

Mythics Oracle Database 11gR2 Support Guide

Did you know that Premier Support for the Oracle Database 11gR2 has expired on 1/31/2015?   Did you also know that Oracle has now issued a waiver extending that support until 1/31/2016? 

Are you confused?  So were we, so we have built the “Mythics Database 11gR2 Support Guide” for all our existing Oracle Database customers to help set the facts straight to make sure you and your organization are covered.

Topics inside the Mythics Database 11gR2 Support Guide Cover:

  • Detailed and verified dates from Oracle on the new extended 11gR2 de-support timeline.
  • What that extension of support means (and what’s covered under the extension) and for how long.
  • What options beyond the extension do customers have to make sure they have the support they need.
  • Recommended next steps on how to build your de-support contingency plans that meet your organization's unique needs.


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