Mythics Oracle University Training Solutions

Mythics Oracle University Training Solutions

As one of the nation’s largest Oracle Value-Added Resellers of Oracle University training and certification programs, Mythics can be your source not only for Oracle technology, but also for the training to help you put it to work. Our complete Oracle training offering extends from procurement and registration assistance through flexible live and virtual training delivery for all levels of Oracle proficiency. So however fundamental or advanced your organization’s capabilities and training requirements are today, we can raise your skills to the next level.

With our exclusive Oracle focus, Mythics represents the entire Oracle University training portfolio including online, classroom and private events. Mythics will work with Oracle to tailor your events to specific professional functions across the organization.

The Oracle University training portfolio includes:

  • Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Applications
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Java
  • Oracle Developer Tools
  • Oracle Operating Systems
  • Oracle Business Analytics
  • Oracle Middleware
  • Oracle Enterprise Management
  • Oracle Engineered Systems
  • Oracle Servers
  • Oracle Storage and Tape
  • Oracle Networking
  • Oracle Virtualization

Classroom and online training modules can be tailored to specific professional functions across your entire organizational structure. That’s the job of the Mythics education specialist, who will partner with your organization to select, procure and manage your training package and then serve as the single point of contact for all your Oracle education needs.

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