U.S. Communities Contract Brochure

U.S. Communities Contract Brochure

OMNIA Partners Formerly U.S. Communities & Oracle Solutions by Mythics

Simplify Procurements and Save on Oracle Technology and Services

This powerful, cost effective and flexible agreement enables U.S. Communities members to decrease costs, reduce paperwork, increase service levels and ultimately is a procurement vehicle that will enable savings for U.S. Communities members in terms of both procurement efficiency and in the costs for Oracle technology products and services.

Available to Participating OMNIA Partners Agencies:

  • K-12 School Districts
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • Public Schools
  • State Agencies
  • State Colleges
  • State Universities

Oracle Products & Services Included:

  • Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
  • Software
  • Technical Support
  • Engineered Systems
  • Hardware
  • Training
  • Professional Services

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