Mythics Planning & Budgeting for Higher Education

Mythics Planning & Budgeting for Higher Ed

Mythics’ Higher Education Budgeting is a framework of pre-defined higher ed sector content that allows us to implement your budget solution with detailed revenue and cost planning. Higher Ed Budgeting uses a bottom-up approach that takes your revenue and cost drivers, applies them to the categories of data appropriate to cost category, and recalculates your budget every time you hit the save button. Our framework is configurable to your account, department, fund, and project hierarchies and can be further customized as needed. Our built-in drivers, which are also customizable, allow for unique higher ed processes, such as adjunct and work-study employees, certification adjustments, pensions and other benefits, multiple funding sources, and the factors that drive student enrollment and other revenue sources.


Key Benefits

  • Built on Oracle planning with content based on over fifty years of our consultants’ combined experience
  • Adaptive to changing priorities throughout the budget cycle
  • Robust calculation engine provides organization-wide results in minutes
  • Eliminate distribution and auditing of spreadsheets using a centralized solution
  • Reduced cycle times and human error

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