Cloud & Cloud Migration

Transform Your Organization with Oracle Cloud Solutions by Mythics Consulting

Mythics leverages the most comprehensive, modern and secure portfolio of Oracle Cloud Services, along with a set of systems integration and consulting services developed by Mythics cloud architects, to deliver end-to-end cloud enterprise modernization solutions.

Mythics examines each customer’s strategic enterprise goals and designs a comprehensive roadmap to a cloud solution that aligns to those goals. The Mythics roadmap will address the planning, design, deployment, and management of the private or hybrid cloud platform.

Mythics Oracle Cloud Deployment and Delivery Models:

  • Cloud application migration services
  • On-premise private cloud infrastructures
  • Off-premise private cloud infrastructures deployed at either a customer data center or a Mythics secure host provider
  • Hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • Oracle Cloud DBaaS, PaaS IaaS and Oracle SaaS applications 

Mythics Oracle Management Cloud Rapid Success Solutions

Comprehensive implementation and configuration of Oracle management Cloud Services for your unique environment.  Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) is a suite of next-generation integrated tools designed to help clients improve IT stability, prevent application outages, increase agility and improve security across their entire infrastructure. Mythics has developed the OMC Rapid Success Solutions (OMC RSS) to assist clients in quickly providing operational value and maximizing their investment in Oracle Management Cloud.

Mythics Oracle Applications Move and Improve Solutions to Oracle Cloud

The Mythics Move and Improve Approach begins with a full review and assessment of your current environment. We will work with you to review organizational drivers and evaluate your organization’s needs. Our Assessment Response will deliver deployment options and tailor the implementation strategy.

Mythics Oracle Cloud Rapid Success Solutions

The Mythics Oracle Cloud Rapid Success Solutions are designed to give Oracle Cloud customers a comprehensive set of services to help with smooth and rapid configurations of Oracle Cloud Services.  Mythics Oracle Cloud experts assist our customers in quickly maximizing their return on investment by helping to configure and deploy your cloud services.

Mythics Oracle Database Backup Cloud Concierge Solutions

Mythics’ Cloud Concierge Solutions aim to enable customers to rapidly realize the value of the Oracle Cloud. New Oracle Cloud customers benefit from having Mythics guide through the process of adopting Oracle Cloud Services. Existing Cloud Customers benefit from accelerated implementations and guidance from experts with real-world experience.

Mythics Java Workload Migration to the Oracle Public Cloud

The Mythics Java Workload Migration to the Oracle Public Cloud assists customers in quickly and efficiently assessing their current Java environment, identifying drivers, opportunities and goals in migrating Java workloads. The solution helps develop the business plan justifying the migration and building a comprehensive technical plan to architect the migration.

Mythics Cloud Assessment

Unlock Your Organization's Cloud Potential with Mythics

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment and Planning
  • Business Planning and ROI Analysis to Justify Cloud Modernizations
  • Cloud Solutions and Implementation (DBaaS, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS)
  • Managed Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Support