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Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are coping with the complexity, cost, and risk around various permutations of cloud computing architectures. The number of unique configurations across the stack can easily reach millions of combinations. As choices increase across layers in the stack — Applications, Management, Virtualization, Servers, Storage, Networking — the complexity of planning, implementation, and management increases exponentially. Application modernization, transition, hosting, and related security requirements increase the complexity even more.

Mythics is an award winning and recognized leader in Cloud Transformation with a structured process that has proven successful for many different customers. Our enterprise methodology helps customers manage the transformation to cloud across various phases. 

The specific activities and deliverables are determined at the beginning of the process and tailored to your requirements. Organizations have found this to be valuable when creating and justifying budget requests for modernization or new programs. This process is an investment in your organization and conducted at no-cost to you. Your investment is focused time during the assessment.

The journey to the cloud can be difficult to navigate. Mythics is here to help guide your Cloud Adoption to ensure your success.

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