Cloud Adjacent Architecture

Blending the Power of Secure Managed Private Cloud with the Flexibility of Public Cloud

With the cloud adjacent architecture (CAA) powered by Mythics and Oracle on Platform Equinix clients will be able meet regulatory, growth and security needs while not losing their ability to leverage technologies that enable 99.999% availability of the data that feeds the applications.

Key Oracle Engineered Systems and Platform Equinix Cloud Adjacent Architecture Benefits:

  • Multi-cloud flexibility: Connectivity to over 2,900 cloud and IT service providers on a single interconnection platform ensures that enterprises can easily deploy hybrid and multi-cloud architectures with their provider of choice.*
  • Agility with reliable performance: Businesses can quickly connect and scale their cloud connectivity on demand via a single self-service portal or API, a critical requirement as they look to scale their IT operations with the elasticity and scalability of public cloud services.*
  • Enhanced security and control: Businesses can enable distributed security closer to the data and applications they are protecting on ECX Fabric by deploying private interconnection, bypassing the public internet.*
  • Shared database optimization: In their journey to cloud, many enterprises have deployed applications into different clouds that often depend on the same databases, resulting in duplication or overuse of common resources. Consolidating these resources by operating databases on high-performance private infrastructure that is adjacent to multiple public clouds, can optimize database performance and costs while leveraging the elasticity and scalability of public cloud infrastructure for applications.*
  • Global scalability: Businesses can interconnect with more than 9,800 companies across a single global platform, including more than 1,700 networks and 2,900 cloud and IT service providers.*
  • Protect your data: Other cloud providers cannot provide a solution that enables the data to be available to the application 99.999 percent of the time. Database technologies like RAC, and disaster recovery technologies like Dataguard and Siteguard reduce if not eliminate the risk of data loss.

* source: Equinix Blog: Unlocking the future with Cloud Adjacency

Mythics offers a modern cloud architecture and a path to modernization. Many have learned there is no single cloud provider which provides everything to every public sector client. It is essential to have an architecture which supports the next generation of cloud computing, including multiple-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.  Leveraging automation and a mix of cloud provider’s solutions, IT personnel can focus on innovation, instead of focusing on system support and daily maintenance. By building an architecture designed to support this next generation of cloud computing, you have the flexibility to improve business operations by leveraging the latest available cloud-based services, quickly and easily.

Mythics delivers an ITIL-based catalog of services to organizations of all sizes. Customers rely on us for a broad array of deep technical expertise and a 24x7 team ready to respond to any incidents in their cloud adjacent architecture environments. Mythics Managed Services can increase system reliability and performance while lowering operational costs.

Mythics Managed Cloud Adjacent Services Success Factors

  • Single source for all Oracle support issues
  • U.S. based resources
  • Deep technical knowledge across all Oracle products and major cloud service providers
  • Rapid issue identification and resolution
  • Mythics Managed Services offerings apply to on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud environments.

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