Oracle Java Workload Migration to Oracle Cloud

Java Workload Migration to the Oracle Public Cloud

Over the past decade, Java has been and continues to be the most popular programming language in the world. Java can reduce costs, drive innovation and improve application services as the programming language of choice of IoT, enterprise architecture and cloud computing.

The Mythics Java Workload Migration to Oracle Public Cloud (JWM OPC) solution is designed to give Java customers a strategy, road map and a ROI baseline on moving Java workloads to the Oracle Public Cloud. Mythics customers are leveraging Java workload migration services to quickly test applications, to perform platform upgrades and migrations or are migrating Oracle WebLogic workloads from on premises and non-Oracle cloud vendors into the Oracle Java public cloud. Many customers are also migrating production and non-production environments to capture performance and cost benefits and to introduce platform diversification for mission critical applications.

The Mythics JWM OPC assists customers in quickly and efficiently assessing their current Java environment, identifying drivers, opportunities and goals in migrating Java workloads. The solution helps develop the business plan justifying the migration and building a comprehensive technical plan to architect the migration.

Mythics Java Workload Migration to Oracle Public Cloud Solutions Details:

  • Review and assess client’s current Java environments
  • Identify drivers, opportunities, goals, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for migrating to the Oracle Public Cloud Develop a customized strategy achieving desired outcomes
  • Define and prioritize source and target environments for migration
  • Develop a detailed schedule, level of effort, and success criteria
  • Develop system and platform specific test cases

Additional Oracle Java Cloud activities can be customized for your unique needs. The above are sample services our Oracle Java Cloud experts recommend to achieve an increase and expedited value from an Oracle Java Cloud investment.

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