Oracle PeopleSoft Move and Improve to Oracle Cloud

Mythics Move and Improve Solutions are designed to give customers choice and flexibility in how they deploy their cloud solution so that their cloud is uniquely aligned with their business requirements. Oracle Cloud offers PeopleSoft customers options to streamline activities while delivering greater business agility, reducing risk, and lowering costs.

Why move your workload to Oracle Cloud?

Advantages of a PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture

  • Fully Virtualized Infrastructure and Platform
  • Automated Configuration of PeopleSoft Architecture
  • Automated Change Management
  • Automated Testing of PeopleSoft Instances
  • Automated Cloning of PeopleSoft Instances

PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud

A variety of approaches are taken by organizations to simplify and reduce risk when exploring PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud. You can choose the level of Oracle Cloud Services you need.

IaaS - (Infrastructure Only) 

  • Run PeopleSoft on Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle Compute Cloud)
  • You Continue to do PeopleSoft Database and Application Administration

PaaS - (Infrastructure + Database)

  • Run PeopleSoft Middle Tiers on Oracle Compute Cloud
  • Run PeopleSoft Database in Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS)
  • You Continue to Do PeopleSoft Application Administration

SaaS - (Infrastructure + Database + Application Adminstration Management)

  • Leverage Mythics Managed Services for PeopleSoft Administration Management


Mythics PeopleSoft Move and Improve Approach


The Mythics Move and Improve Approach begins with a full review and assessment of your current environment. We will work with you to review organizational drivers and evaluate your organization’s needs. Our Assessment Response will deliver deployment options and tailor the implementation strategy.

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