Mythics Data Armor Database Hardening with ASO

Protecting, Hardening & Securing Your Oracle Database


Unauthorized disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive information collected by an agency’s system/application can be damaging to the person that is represented, the agency, and potentially, national security. As such, data repositories should be encrypted to protect this sensitive information, in accordance with NIST guidance (such as Special Publication (SP) 800-53). Encryption is an effective means for mitigating the risk of compromise if implemented in conjunction with strong access controls.

To help agencies address this threat, Mythics presents this fixed price solution offering that will secure Oracle databases by applying vendor supported and industry proven encryption techniques to them. These techniques are based on the use of FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic algorithms and NIST recommended key management practices, while minimizing service disruption and downtime. The outlined approach does not require any changes to underlying applications.

Oracle Database Hardening Services

The Mythics Oracle database hardening services is a full lifecycle Oracle database Advanced Security Option (ASO) implementation. This service consists of discovery, analysis, implementation, test and validation of ASO Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) that enables agencies to leverage vendor supported data protection configuration to its fullest capability.

We follow an agile methodology and execute on parallel work streams for immediate results. The encryption of databases is persistent and secure with no application changes, completed using the Oracle ASO two-tier FIPS compliant encryption architecture. This also includes key management advisory services addressing the generation, renewal, revocation, archival and recovery of the encryption keys leveraged by our solution. In addition, we inspect the client’s database backup strategy and provide a solution to secure past and future backups of databases.

Proven Results

Upon completion, agencies and system owners can expect an increased FISMA compliance score along with an improved security and privacy posture to help mitigate risk as a result of advanced nation state threats, data breach, insider threats and data spillages.

Why Mythics Consulting?

Mythics Data Armor™ data security services help protect public sector and commercial organization’s most valuable data every day. Our unrivaled experts, experience and technologies identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions to aid organizations in protecting their critical data assets.


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