Exalogic Rapid Success Solutions

Exalogic Architecture, Implementation, and Management 

Mythics delivers the essential catalogue of services for smooth, swift, and comprehensive Oracle Exalogic implementations. Mythics has a successful track record of Exalogic implementations and the tiered Solution Packs provide a proven foundation for effective deployments.  

Mythics Exalogic Service Bundles

Exalogic Starter Pack:  Architecture and design services to facilitate the installation and configuration of Oracle Exalogic environments. 

  • Perform top-down design and requirements validation including as-is and to-be architectures.
  • Perform bottom-up design review to ensure proper usage of Exalogic features.
  • Perform high-level capacity planning, requirements decomposition, security and other reviews.
  • Perform bottom-up design to ensure proper usage of platform strengths.
  • Assemble final physical and logical designs for overall solution on Exalogic.
  • Expert guided design of platform components built on top of Exalogic.
  • Indentify, design, and document various Exalogic constructs to be used during solution assembly.
  • Identify, design, and document the hosted vServer enumeration, sizing, and naming.
  • Perform provisioning strategy and design.

Exalogic Starter Pack Plus:  Cloud enablement and operational exellence for your Oracle Exalogic environments.

  • Exalogic private IaaS enablement including packaging, provisioning, lifecycle managment, and chargeback/showback.
  • Architecture, design, and implementation of multi-stie high availability, backup, and recovery solutions.
  • Design and implementation of custom Exalogic templates and multi-machine assemblies.
  • Design and implementation of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cCloud Control integration.
  • Design and Implementation of guest operating system lifecycle managment and administration best practices

The Exalogic Starter Pack Plus activities are fully customized to your requirements.  The items listed here are provided as examples of services Mythics has successfully deployed.

Exalogic Configuration Pack:  Management and implementation of the installation and configuration of your Orcle Exalogic environments.

  • Expert guided completion and validation of configuration templates.
  • Project management of the Orcle Exalogic hardware installation.
  • Configuration of Exalogic network fabric (VLANs, Managed IP addresses, Network Services, etc.) to project specifications.
  • Configuration of Exalogic compute capacity (vDCs, vServer types, Distribution Groups, etc.) to project specifications.
  • Configuration of Exalogic storage (ZFS projects, shares, snapshots, etc.) to project specifications.
  • Configuration of Exalogic control stack (Cloud Accounts, Authentication, Roles, etc.) to project specifications.
  • Installation and configuration of Mythics provisioning enablement utilities.  

Offer available for multiple rack purchases only.  Must be purchased with either the Exalogic Starter Pack or the Exalogic Starter Pack Plus.