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The tremendous adoption of Oracle Engineered Systems by Federal, Defense, Healthcare, Higher Education, Utilities,
Commercial and other customers worldwide are becoming increasingly critical assets that sit at the heart of the organization’s business operations. Mythics had combined its award winning Oracle Engineered Systems services and its Data Security and Remediation services to deliver Oracle Engineered Systems Data Armor™ Solutions to protect, harden and secure these critical converged infrastructure platforms.

Best Practices Securing Information Systems

The United States Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) created and maintains a series of security guideline for Department of Defense (DoD) Information Systems. These guidelines called Security Technical Implementation Guides or (STIGs), based on DoD Instruction #85001:01, identify configuration settings and procedures that owning organizations should take to improve the security of the deployed systems. Many federal government agencies as well as State and Local entities require that systems comply with these guidelines as part of the deployment and operational certification of the system.

STIGs are developed when they align to one of the published DoD Security Requirements Guides (SRGs) per the STIG development vendor process. While the published SRGs map to common security areas, Oracle provides additional recommendations and guidelines for emerging technologies like Engineered Systems that might not have a formal SRG created yet. As a result there is no published STIG for many of the Oracle Engineered Systems. To mitigate this Mythics uses it’s award winning Engineered Systems and Data Security team to deploy “Data Armor” to create a secure baseline and protect Oracle Engineered Systems.

Data Armor™ Solutions for Oracle Engineered Systems

The Data Armor ™ Solutions for Oracle Engineered Systems are tailored engagements consisting of a discovery, analysis and remediation of security risks within your Oracle Engineered Systems environment. The offering is available for new installations and implementations, as well as for existing installations on premise or collocated virtually anywhere in the world. Data Armor™ is currently available for the following Oracle Engineered Systems.

  • Oracle Exadata
  • Oracle Exalogic
  • Oracle Supercluster
  • Oracle Database Appliance

Mythics Engineered Systems expert consultants will review your organizations engineered systems deployments against engineered systems best practices. At the conclusion of the engagement, Mythics will deliver a detailed Systems Assessment Report identifying the threats and vulnerabilities of the deployment, along with the actionable remediation that was executed to resolve the issue for both classified and unclassified networks.

Proven Results

Upon completion, agencies and engineered systems owners can expect an improved security and privacy posture to help mitigate risk as a result of advanced nation state threats, data breach, insider threats and data spillages.

Why Mythics Consulting?

Mythics Data Armor™ services help protect public sector and commercial organization’s critical Engineered Systems every day. Our unrivaled experts, experience and technologies identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions to aid organizations in protecting their critical data assets.

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