Category: State and Local

Georgia Technology Authority

  • Contract Number: 9800-RFP0112-62015MYT
  • Scope: Oracle Software, Support and Maintenance, Engineered Systems, Professional Services & Training
  • Eligible Entities: Georgia governmental entities, including but not limited to, departments, agencies, authorities, commissions, boards, counties, cities, townships and other political subdivisions of the State of Georgia.

Georgia Department of Administrative Services

  • Contract Number: 403-231-DAS0000109-0001
  • Scope: Oracle Cloud Services and Implementation Services for supporting functionalities such as Enterprise Resource Management, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Performance Management, and Customer Relationship Management.
  • Eligible Entities: DOAS/GTA/SAO and available on a convenience basis to other State Entities,local education authorities, local governments, municipalities, cities, townships, counties and
    other political subdivisions of the State of Georgia.