Category: State and Local

Mythics recommends "U.S. Communities: Contract #180233-002” to provide Oracle Cloud and Technology Solutions to eligible State, Local and Education Customers Nationwide.  For more information on leveraging U.S. Communities by Mythics visit our U.S. Communities Contract Portal.


Georgia Technology Authority

  • Contract Number: 9800-RFP0112-62015MYT
  • Scope: Oracle Software, Support and Maintenance, Engineered Systems, Professional Services & Training
  • Eligible Entities: Georgia governmental entities, including but not limited to, departments, agencies, authorities, commissions, boards, counties, cities, townships and other political subdivisions of the State of Georgia.

Georgia Department of Administrative Services

  • Contract Number: 403-231-DAS0000109-0001
  • Scope: Oracle Cloud Services and Implementation Services for supporting functionalities such as Enterprise Resource Management, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Performance Management, and Customer Relationship Management.
  • Eligible Entities: DOAS/GTA/SAO and available on a convenience basis to other State Entities,local education authorities, local governments, municipalities, cities, townships, counties and
    other political subdivisions of the State of Georgia.