PEPPM - National State & Local Cooperative Contract Program - Oracle Software & Hardware

Category: State and Local

Established in 1982 in Pennsylvania as a statewide purchasing program for computers, PEPPM has grown into a national contract program that in addition to computers, also includes items such as networking and telecommunications equipment, printers, peripherals, software and other branded technology products.  PEPPM as a national cooperative purchasing program is available to all K-14 schools and agencies, higher education, state and local governments and authorities in all US states. 

As a cooperative purchasing program PEPPM services thousands of different school districts, intermediate agencies, vocational/technical schools, private and parochial schools, community and four-year colleges, universities, as well as local, county, municipal government agencies and authorities.  PEPPM is designed to decrease costs, reduce paperwork, increase service levels and is a procurement vehicle that delivers savings in both in procurement efficiency and in the costs for Oracle technology products and services.

Mythics holds a national PEPPM Technology Bidding and Purchasing Program contract for Oracle software and hardware products and services.

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