Cloud Transformation Webinar: Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 2pm EST

Thursday August 22, 2019 at 9:08am
Category: Webinars

Over the last decade, the cloud has become one of the most defining transformation challenges to IT. With the cloud, gone is the day of monolithic applications, with all the servers in a single data center. Making this even more complex is the move to multiple providers to avoid single vendor cloud outages. Applications now run in multiple locations and public clouds like Oracle, Amazon and Azure. As IT leaders, we worry about the security of the cloud, the efficient consumption of the resources and most importantly, how the end users experience the applications in the cloud. This webinar will discuss how your workloads can be transformed to the cloud, while maintaining your unique requirements for availability, security and performance.

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Presented by: 
Erik Benner , Mythics VP of Enterprise Transformation

Key learning points are:

  • Data Integrity, keeping your data available to the application and users 24x7x365 with no service interruption
  • Security, detecting attacks real-time, securing not only the operating system but the data in flight and at rest
  • Cloud Performance, moving to the cloud sounds good until your critical systems slow down due to problems like Noisy Neighbor
  • Cost, One size does not fit all… size your solution to the mission
  • Monitoring, how to monitor both for availability, capacity and end user performance

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