Ksplice HOL Webinar: Thursday, January 27th, 2PM ET

Thursday January 27, 2022 at 2:00pm
Category: Webinars

Securing systems requires applying patches, and with most Linux distributions this requires a reboot to stay up to date with important kernel and user-space security updates. These reboots take a large amount of effort, requiring multiple people to shutdown, patch, restart and then verify the application is functioning correctly. Oracle Ksplice allows you to apply the same updates without rebooting, which would normally require an update with your package manager and a reboot. Ksplice updates select, critical components of your Oracle Linux installation with all of the important security patches without needing a system reboot. 

In this hands on workshop hosted by Mythics, you will learn how to configure and manage Ksplice, splice a running system, configure the system to automatically splice itself as well as some useful tricks. 

You will need SSH access to Internet systems, along with the ability to use SSH keys to authenticate. Each attendee will be given access to their own lab system, accessed via SSH. 

Please be sure to register. Seats are limited, and you will need access to ssh to systems on the internet to complete the workshop.

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