North Carolina Digital Government Summit - August 28th-29th Raleigh, North Carolina

Wednesday August 28, 2019 at 2:02pm
Category: Events

Government Technology's passion is helping spread best practices and spurring innovation in the public sector. The North Carolina Digital Government Summit is designed to do just that. The summit has an advisory board that gathers public sector and private sector leaders to create an agenda that is relevant and actionable to the state and local government organizations attending the summit. Participants tell us they use the inspirational keynotes, leadership discussions, networking breaks, and timely topics discussed in the numerous breakout sessions to help advance the goals of their organizations and their own career paths

Topics Include:

Cybersecurity Strategy, Risk and Response
Becoming Citizen-Centric
The Business Side of the Cloud
Strategies for Smart Communities
Making Sense of Your Data
5G and the Future of Wireless
Vendor Risk Management
The Eye of the Storm